Time capsule

Botanical gardens (Bergianska), Stockholm.

Technical info: Pentax 67 & meniscus lens (yellow filter), Ilford HP5+ stand developed in Rodinal 1+200 for 90′. Printed on Fomabrom Variant 112 FB paper and developed in Neutol WA.


Summers like they used to be

Fågelöudde, Lidingö, Sweden.

Technical info: Holga 120 with Shanghai GP3. Stand developed in Rodinal 1:200 for 90′, agitation every 20′. Enlarger Fujimoto G70, El-nikkor 80/5.6. Printed on Fomabrom Variant 112 and developed in Neutol WA. Print is varnished. 

Flat fiber paper prints

Fiber papers can be a hazzle to dry flat sometimes, especially when they have glossy surface. For my 13×18/18×24 cm prints, I’ve made a frame made of four aluminum profiles: The print is placed on a glass and the water is wiped off using a car window wiper. The border of the picture is fixed to the glass using the Alu-profiles and pliers. Let the print dry and remove the profiles – it will dry flat, very flat.

DIY negative carriers

Since I prefer to print the whole negative and get a black border, I’ve made negative carriers for the larger negatives (6×4.5, 6×6, 6×7). The carriers are made of aluminum, and are cut out at a workshop  (the have precision milling machines ) and are carefully trimmed to the desired size  using a standard file, always using a original negative, e.g. from my Pentax 67, as a template. Each half is polished so there are no sharp edges or dust that can harm the negative. The two aluminum halves are put together using a good adhesive tape. To prevent light to leak out from the Fujimoto enlarger, a simple frame of wood and paper is made. Very simple but reliable negative carriers.

Fujimoto G70 manual

There seems to be a great interest in the Fujimoto G-70 these days and many of you are asking me of its capabilities. I’m very fond of it, great quality and a great performer in the darkroom. Attached with this post is the manual for the Fujimoto equipped with a computer. Note, that I’m using a simpler model without a computer…

The manual is found here.

If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact me.