Gunnar Smoliansky

Gunnar Smoliansky is one of the most well established photographers in Sweden that is still doing analog work. I met him a few years ago that resulted in this post. Since then he has released the book “One picture at a time” and his exhibition is still making its way to other exhibitions halls. This Youtube clip made by Dunkers Kulturhus is definately worth seeing.

5 minutes, 19 seconds by kyo4890x115

I found this on the YouTube. According to one of the comments the story is about girl (the photographer) and her grandparents. The story takes place in Tainan, a city in south Taiwan, where the we are told that the grandfather bought a little bottle of perfume to his wife. However, the bottle was never used and eventually the grandmother passed away in a hospital. What was left to the girl (the photographer) was this bottle that reminds her about the memory and the love between her grandparents.

It’s beautiful made with subtle colours and a pleasant tempo. Despite the fact that I don’t understand a thing what is said, I still enjoy this movie a lot. It’s made with a dslr (Pentax K-7) and the short depth of focus is used in a elegant manner. It’s always nice to see something that is carefully carried out.

Humans don’t disappear: Gusen

To remember the holocaust and understand why things could go so wrong is crucial. One concentration camp, Gusen, has fairly recently gained an additional audiowalk tour of parts of the camp that today is residential estate and not that easily recognised as a part of a huge concentration camp unless you don’t know the story. A part of the concept is also Christoph Mayers video “Audioweg” – showing the site of today with comments from survivors and residents of the area.  At one point you’ll hear: “Humans don’t disappear. Souls don’t disappear. How many are there at any place?” How true isn’t that to what some photography captures today.