Fujimoto G70 manual

There seems to be a great interest in the Fujimoto G-70 these days and many of you are asking me of its capabilities. I’m very fond of it, great quality and a great performer in the darkroom. Attached with this post is the manual for the Fujimoto equipped with a computer. Note, that I’m using a simpler model without a computer…

The manual is found here.

If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact me.

5 responses to “Fujimoto G70 manual

  1. Hej,

    Funderar på att införskaffa en sådan här förstorare. Är det något jag behöver tänka på innan jag köper? Vet du vilka objektiv / negativ hållare som följer med? Vad funkar bra och mindre bra med den här modellen?


    • Hej Axel!
      Fantastisk bra förstoringsapparat som jag rekommenderar. Medföljande utrustning beror på vem som har inhandlat den. Jag gissar att de flesta köpte den för mellanformat och kompletterade med en småbildsnegativhållare. Kör du mellanformat så vill du gärna ha en 80 mm optik. Den fungerar också till småbild även om förstoringsgraden blir lidande.

  2. Hello from Scottsdale Arizona, USA. I have a G70 color enlarger and it worked great up until recently my pet rabbit chewed through the wires and shorted out the solder board. It’s easy to take apart from the bottom with just a few screws. There you see a small board that is held on with a couple screws. It looks like everything is ok except a couple solder strips were melted off. I’m looking for someone that could take a picture of the bottom of that board (opposite the diodes) so I can re-solder it correctly. If it would help, I could send a picture of the board where it is damaged. Thanks, Dennis

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