5 minutes, 19 seconds by kyo4890x115

I found this on the YouTube. According to one of the comments the story is about girl (the photographer) and her grandparents. The story takes place in Tainan, a city in south Taiwan, where the we are told that the grandfather bought a little bottle of perfume to his wife. However, the bottle was never used and eventually the grandmother passed away in a hospital. What was left to the girl (the photographer) was this bottle that reminds her about the memory and the love between her grandparents.

It’s beautiful made with subtle colours and a pleasant tempo. Despite the fact that I don’t understand a thing what is said, I still enjoy this movie a lot. It’s made with a dslr (Pentax K-7) and the short depth of focus is used in a elegant manner. It’s always nice to see something that is carefully carried out.

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