Late October


Vällingby, Stockholm suburbs. I have a soft spot for old car wrecks. Once I saw this old Ford Taunus I just had to take a few shots of it. It reminds me a little bit of the DDR and the Trabants. Split filtration and bleaching allowed me to get bright highlights of the front of the car, while the sky was kept moody by additional burning with filter 0.  

Technical info: Petri Color 35, Neopan 1600 (EI640) in D-76 1+1, 7 minutes at 20C. Fujimoto G70, El-Nikkor 50/2.8, Forte Polywarmtone/Neutol WA, split filtration, bleached and selenium toned.

2 responses to “Late October

  1. It is a great car–really nice lines. The toning is nicely done, and appropriate for the subject. The ticket on the windshield is the clincher.

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