Tonight’s show


Avenue of the Americas, New York City, USA. Thanks to the advertisement for Frankie Boy, the setting for this photograph is established. I managed to avoid cars and people when I took this photograph, in order to make it more timeless – or should I say more retroperspective? To me, this is definately one of the icons of New York that together with Empire State Building and Chrysler Building brings the visitor back to the hey days of the 30’s. In that case, the obvious soundtrack is Billie Holiday – she’s a good companion during the darkroom sessions too.

Normal graded paper followed by sulphur toning. I’ve done this print recently with a more moderate toning, but tend to lean to this older version where the distinct toning contributes significantly to the atmosphere.

Technical info: Fuji GS645 (folder), T-MAX 100 (EI 100) T-MAX developer, Krokus 69, Rodenstock Rodagon 105/5.6, Emaks K888 in Neutol WA, sulphur toned

4 responses to “Tonight’s show

  1. Beautifully made. Great image !!! I really love it
    How did you do the sulphur toning? Did you bleach it before? I’m going after this tone for a while…on Ilford Warmtone Fiber paper

  2. Hi Agus!
    Yes, this is the Tetenal sulphur toner where you bleach first and then tone the print. In this case, I just bleached the highlights and held back the dark areas. So yes, the contrast of the print was increased after toning.

  3. Thanks a lot Anders ! You are very kind.
    Just one more question. I have been doing a bit of searching on internet and haven’t found anything like Tetenal Sulphur Toner, I don’t know if that is the right name or if you are talking about the “Sepia toner”. Could you, please, give me the right name? I will appreciate the information so much. I have found in some of your beautiful images, specialy in Tonight’s Show, the tone I’m after .

    Again… wonderful work. You are, from now, in my very precious “list” of remarkable photographers.

    Best regards.


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