Interactions (lack of)


Vällingby, Stockholm suburbs. An area developed during the 50’s and is currently undergoing tasteful restorations. The original square was covered by circles and for a while some of them were temporarily replaced by asphalt during the construction work. To me, they represent a crowd of individuals spread out over a large area. As it seems they form a group, but still with large spaces in between, making them look like isolated islands without connection. The shadows of the trees and the calm circle pattern caught my interest. Although, without the asphalt the composition would have been quite dull.

Technical info: Pentax MX, 50/1.4, HP5 (EI320) in D-76 1+1, 8.5 minutes at 20C. Fujimoto G70, El-Nikkor 50/2.8, Forte Polywarmtone/Neutol WA, bleached.

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