el chico con el sombrero

Also a photograph from Merida, Mexico. Taken during the evening of the Mexican Revolution Day in November. Theres a dual feeling of this photograph that I like: The evident joy shown by the girls and the very vivid motion, but also the anonymous, outsiders view, shown by the boy, anxiously moving away, repelled, from the inner cirle of companionship. I don’t write down exposure details, but I have a intense memory from the evening walking around, shooting at 1/8 sec. Similarly to “la luz de la mañana“, the white hat of the boy in contrast to a dark background was the key issue when printing this negative. Very straight forward by using a normal graded paper and increase the contrast by sulphur toning followed by selenium toning.

Technical info: Fuji GS645 (folder), 1/8 sec at f 4.5, T-MAX 100 (EI 100)/T-MAX developer, Fujimoto G70, Rodenstock Rodagon 105/5.6, Emaks K888/Neutol WA, sulphur & selenium toned

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