Another enlarger


Enlargers are available at almost no cost these days. I just got my hands on a Liesegang Rajah IV. About US$ 90 for the outfit as above, including an extra large condensor lens making it possible to convert the Rajah to take 4×5″. 

Sure, there are many excellents large format Durst enlargers out there too, more modern, some fitted with colour head too. Still I felt quite attached to it when I saw it. It originally belonged to a photographer active during the 50´s to the 70’s. Everything he did in the darkroom was done in a careful manner. So a set of three enlarger lenses were supplied, 60 boxes of photopaper, one of them the legendary Dassonville paper, spare bulbs, and photographic notes – everything in mint condition. The Enlarger has that type of wrinkle paint that I have such a soft spot for. The drawbacks are that anti-Newton glass is missing and the focusing mechanism isn’t that smooth like the Fujimoto’s enlargers, still bearable to handle. From eBay, I’ve ordered a DeVere AN-glass (it arrived in one piece) so the major drawbacks are solved.

2 responses to “Another enlarger

  1. Hi!
    I have just bought Liesegang Rajah 4 enlarging machine. I wonder if you could help me with some advice about converting it to 4×5 size?

    Ari Kalinen,
    Hillerintaival 8
    60200 Seinäjoki

  2. Hi Ari!

    It’s nice to hear that we are a few more Rajah users! Liesegang made a Rajah V conversion kit for the Rajah IVn, making it possible to use 4×5″ negatives. This can’t be done with the ordinary Rajah IV.
    I have replaced the negative carrier with a DeVere AN-glass and a normal glass – hold together with tape. The light leaks from this simple negative carrier is easily taken care of by using some masking paper (pictures are sent if requested). Having done this, you will see that a 4×5″ negative is slightly cropped in the corners only, which could be solved by simply widen up the condensor hole using a file – I haven’t done this since I’m shooting in the 9x12cm format.
    Does it make sense?

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